Working With A Bondsman To Get Out Of Jail After An Arrest

Posted on: 11 April 2022

If you are arrested for an offense requiring bail to get out of jail while you wait to go to court, you may need to find someone to help. A 24-hour bail bonds service is often the best option, and depending on your charges and the amount of bail involved, they can often get you released quickly. However, there are some things you need to understand about the process and your responsibilities after getting out of jail. 

Finding A Bail Bonds Service

If you are arrested and taken to jail, even on a minor offense, you may need to wait to see the charges before you know if you can get bailed out of not. In some cases, the bail bonds service will have to wait until you are arraigned, and the judge sets bail, and other times the offense will have a preset bail amount that you can pay to get out even before the arraignment. 

If the charges carry a set bail, the bail bonds service can meet with you and present a bail package for you, but you will still need to return to court for the arraignment of the bail will be revoked, and a warrant issued to rearrest you and return you to jail in many cases. The bond service should go over all the details and possibilities with you, but be sure that you understand everything that is happening because if you don't, you could find yourself in trouble with the bonds service and the court because you didn't ask a question. 

After Your Bond

Once the bond is paid and you are released, the bail bonds service will ask you to come in and meet with them to ensure they have all your information correct, and in most cases, they will set a time for you to check in each week to ensure you are still in the area, and staying out of trouble. It is vital to understand that if you are rearrested while on bond, the service can revoke the bond, and you will not be able to get back out of jail. 

If that happens, you would need to find a new bail bonds service to bail you out on the new charges and the old ones, and that can be challenging because it will look as though you are not reliable. If you follow all the rules they set and check-in as ordered, the bail bonds service will help you through the process.

Most bail services will require you to stay off drugs, away from alcohol, and away from friends who are known criminals that could get you into trouble while you are awaiting trial. If you follow the guidelines, you can continue to live life, work, and enjoy your freedom while waiting to see the judge and having your day in court.