How To Fill A Short-Term Staffing Gap Properly

Posted on: 19 July 2021

Every business manager's worst nightmare is to be left in the lurch due to unforeseen circumstances that prevent one or more of their staff from being able to come into work. There are so many unpredictable scenarios that can cause a gap in your workforce that you simply could not prepare for it even if you tried. However, there are different ways of approaching a solution to this issue, but only one that is guaranteed to work and match the professional quality you would expect: a staffing agency. Here are a few reasons why you should always turn to a staffing or temp agency when in need and not try to fill the gap on your own.

Confirmed Professional Background 

When hiring someone normally, you have a lot of time to go over their credentials, check their references, and even perhaps peruse some of their past work. When placed into a situation that is time-sensitive, you have none of those luxuries and are liable to make a poor hiring choice simply because you could not do the required research you normally would. A staffing agency does all of this for you and has already gathered together a pool of professionals who can fill the role you are looking for at a moment's notice.

Close Proximity

Sometimes the qualifications are not the problem but rather the distance. Getting someone who lives far away to try and fill the void is fraught with risk because they may be prone to being late due to traffic and other problems that come with regularly traveling long distances. Many staffing agencies actually sort their options by how close they are to your business so that you can decide whether or not they will be a good fit. The last thing you want is to fill a gap with someone who is eager but restricted by their own location.

Option To Hire From Within

Once the danger period has passed and work has mostly got back to normal you might find that this new addition is invaluable and you want to keep them on. There is no pressure, after all, they were hired on a fixed contract, but you never want to let a promising business opportunity go. Countless times staffing agencies have put companies into contact with long-term employees who were ready and waiting to be discovered, which can turn a once desperate situation into a pivotal moment in your company.