3 Things to Look for When Buying a Reusable Face Protection Shield

Posted on: 29 January 2021

Reusable face shields serve numerous purposes. From safeguarding workers against a variety of hazards on the job to preventing the transmission of airborne diseases, face protection shields are an effective way to keep people safe and healthy. Reusable shields are ideal for anyone looking for a less restrictive face covering that still provides a high degree of protection. To select the best reusable face protection shield, you'll need to consider a few important details. Whether you want protection from elements at work or in your everyday life, look for these 3 essential features to help you choose the right face shield for you. 

1) Overall fit and comfort level on your face

Since you will likely need to wear your face protection shield for long periods of time, be sure to pick one that provides the most comfort and the best fit. Look for a reusable protection shield that is available in several sizes to ensure that it will properly contour to the shape of various faces. The shield should feel lightweight while fitting snugly against your forehead.

You'll also need to verify that the face shield has an adjustable cotton headband that secures at the back of your head with Velcro or other locking snaps. A soft foam brow pad can add to your comfort as well. If necessary, make sure that there is enough room underneath the shield to accommodate eyeglasses. Ultimately, choose a face protection face shield that is durable and sturdy without feeling bulky or confining.

2) Anti-scratch and anti-fogging coating

Another valuable feature for your face protection shield is the lens coating. To prolong the lifespan of your face shield, you'll need to check that the coating on the outside of the lens is resistant to scratches or abrasion damage. Even the smallest scrape against the lens can make it difficult to see through the shield, which could reduce its functionality and increase the risk of safety hazards.

Additionally, the anti-fogging capability is crucial too. Poor visibility can have adverse effects during work and other situations, so choose a face shield with a thin film of coating that isn't susceptible to fogging up during exposure to a wide range of extreme temperatures, sweat, or washing. To maintain a clear line of sight as you utilize your reusable face protection shield, look for one that is outfitted with an anti-scratch and anti-fogging coating.

3) Easy maintenance 

One of the best benefits of wearing a face protection shield is that it can be reused and worn again many times. For this reason, your face protection shield should be easy to take care of and properly cleaned. A face shield is best if it can be regularly washed without wearing away any of the protective coatings. Be sure to use soapy water and a microfiber cloth, as some commercial disinfecting cleansers can seriously damage the plastic lens. Look for a face protection shield that won't scratch or break apart every time you clean it. 

As you look for the reusable face protection shield that works the best for your needs, be sure to keep these features in mind. A well-fitting face shield that won't fog up during use and is simple to care for will help you stay safe from work hazards and other elements that you might encounter on a daily basis.