3 Tips For Earning A College Football Scholarship

Posted on: 17 June 2020

If you want to attend college on a college football scholarship, you need more than skill. You need to understand how to market yourself so that the colleges that offer scholarships are aware of your potential and skill.

Tip #1: Focus on Your Academics

If you want to get a college scholarship to play football, you need to have the grades necessary to show that you will succeed in college. Colleges require athletes to maintain a certain grade point average, which means that they want to recruit college athletes who were able to maintain a good grade point average in high school.

They don't want to have to worry about you keeping your eligibility every semester because of your grades. You don't have to maintain a perfect grade point average but having well above a 2.0 will help you stand out and increase your chance of getting a scholarship.

When you choose your classes, keep in mind that the NCAA only counts your core classes in your GPA. So they are not going to include elective classes such as P.E., computers, art, or whatever your school offers in their GPA calculations. You need to make sure you have above a 2.0 when you calculate just your core subject classes.

Tip #2: Register with the NCAA Eligibility Center

Second, you need to register with the NCAA eligibility center. Registering with the NCAA eligibility center will allow you to take on official visits as you go through the college recruiting process.

When you register with them, you will need to provide them with your high school transcripts and with your ACT and SAT scores. Working with the NCAA is important as you work towards getting a college scholarship, as you will become an NCAA athlete and will have to follow all their rules.

Tip #3: Create Your Own Highlight Videos

Recruiting doesn't have to be done all in person anymore. You can send videos to colleges, and you can post videos online to generate interest in your play. You are going to want to create weekly football highlights during the season, showing off your best moments in each game.

These videos shouldn't be too long; about two to five minutes is more than enough. Make sure your name, school, and contact information is included in the video. Create a mid-season highlight and full season highlight. These videos can be a bit longer than your weekly highlight videos. Hire someone to help make high-quality videos of your playing.

If you want to earn a college football scholarship, remember these tips. Keep your grades up in your core classes. Create highlight videos and send them to all the colleges where you want to play. Register with the NCAA eligibility center so you can go on official visits to the colleges who are interested in recruiting you.