5 Ideas for a Cremation Memorial Service

Posted on: 24 April 2020

Losing someone that you care about is very hard. But one way that you can honor their life is by hosting a memorial service. Family and friends can gather to reflect on the life that they lived, discuss favorite memories, and pay their final respects. If your loved one is being cremated and you want to plan a cremation memorial, you may be wondering how to go about it. Keep reading for some cremation memorial services ideas. 

Gather in a Favorite Spot

If you're not sure where to host the memorial service, you may want to choose a favorite spot that your loved one enjoyed. This can help to make the memorial service have even more meaning to it. You don't have to host your memorial event at a funeral home. 

Collect Donations for a Cause They Supported

If your loved one had a cause that was dear to them, you could ask attendees to give donations, in lieu of flowers. This is a nice way to make a difference and honor an organization or cause that your loved one supported during their lifetime.

Show a Video or Photo Slideshow 

Having a video to play or displaying a photo slideshow is an excellent way to show off favorite memories of your loved one. It also gives attendees something to look at and watch while waiting for the cremation memorial service to begin. You can talk to friends and family ahead of time to ask them to contribute their favorite photos so they're also able to be part of the process. 

Give Seed Packets Away

If you want a creative way for attendees to carry on the memory of their loved one, you can hand out seed packets. Include a note or message on the packets honoring your loved one. Attendees can then plant their own flowers or plant to honor their loved one's memory.

Gift a Special Book

If your loved one was a big reader, you can order copies of their favorite books and then pass them out to attendees. This is a nice way for everyone to bring keepsake items home and to cherish something that was special to their loved one.

There are many ways to make cremation memorial services special. You can host a touching ceremony, even if your loved one wishes to be cremated. If you'd like help planning the perfect ceremony, contact a crematorium for assistance.