Pros And Cons Of Wearing Two Jewelry Chains

Posted on: 10 December 2019

A recent trend among men who enjoy jewelry buying and wearing is to wear two chains — typically, outside of their clothing. If this is a look that you think would suit you, you may wish to visit one or more local jewelry stores to find a pair of chains that you can begin to wear. You can talk your idea through with any store's salesperson, and he or she can find you the right chains to wear. Before you move forward with this idea, consider the pros and cons of wearing two chains.

Pro: You'll Look Trendy

The trendy nature of wearing two chains is reason enough to adopt this look for yourself. If you're the type of person who enjoys being on the cutting edge of fashion trends, and you like that others view you as someone who is fashionable, wearing two chains can be a look that you appreciate. This is a look that tells those around you just how attuned you are to today's fashion and jewelry trends.

Con: They May Get Tangled

If you're going to wear two chains, one potential challenge that you may face is having the two pieces of jewelry get tangled together. When you're choosing this style to look good, the last thing that you want is to look down at your chest and realize that the chains are looped around one another. Constant vigilance can help you to detect this issue quickly when it occurs so that you can correct it. Choosing two chains of different lengths can also decrease the risk of them getting tangled together.

Pro: Ability To Express Yourself

Many people find that jewelry is the perfect vehicle for expressing themselves. If you're thinking about wearing just one chain, you may feel as though it only expresses a part of your personality. In such a scenario, you may feel that two chains will do a better job of telling the story of who you are. When you shop for the two pieces of jewelry, you can choose pieces in different styles to show how multifaceted you are as a person.

Con: They Can Be Noisy

You may find that wearing two chains produces a constant clinking sound. This won't bother everyone, but it may not be overly appealing to you. This can especially occur with thick and heavy chains, and even more so if you wear a pendant at the end of each chain.