Tips For Installing Your Studio's New Chromakey Soundstage

Posted on: 25 June 2019

If your studio is installing a new chromakey soundstage to shoot video against a green screen, then it's very important you pay attention to the small details during the installation process. Even the smallest of details can make all the difference when it comes to producing a flawless end-product.

Listed below are some tips you can follow to ensure your green screen works as you want it to from the first day it's used:

Tip: Install Green Screen Flooring as Well as the Wall Screen

While you may have thought a lot about the green screen wall you want to install, have you considered the flooring?

If you don't install both wall green screen and green screen flooring, then you will not be able to do any shots where the flooring is visible. This will seriously limit your shooting ability and should be avoided. There are many inexpensive green floor options, and it really is a necessity for quality chromakey masking.

Tip: Install Chroma Flooring Not Green Screen Paint

Just as you aren't advised to use a paint-on green screen on your studio walls, you also shouldn't use a paint-on flooring product. While this works fine for low-resolution work and non-professional projects, it is not acceptable for a professional chromakey studio space.

When you choose the chroma flooring, you should select one with a matte finish. If the flooring has any shine coming off of it, then you will see weird light reflections and shadows in your finished product.

Tip: Ensure You Install an Adequate-Sized Green Floor 

Both the green screen and green flooring need to be big enough to allow actors full use of the studio. The last thing you want is actors distracted by staying within the green boundary rather than their acting job. 

In addition to installing a floor that's large enough for free movement, you also need to ensure it is installed exactly perpendicular to the wall. This will ensure the contact seam isn't visible and won't create a line on your video.

Tip: Install Very Balanced Lighting Along the Entire Green Screen Area

In order to eliminate shadows and other unwanted artifacts from showing up in your video or film, it's vital you light the entire green screen area with lighting that's very well balanced. Your goal is to use the least light that will show you a flat background. 

Lastly, you also need to install floor lights when shooting the green flooring to remove shadows around the feet of your subjects. To learn more, contact a company that carries products such as chromakey flooring