4 Ways To Keep Your Three-Door Commercial Freezer Organized

Posted on: 15 May 2019

A used stainless steel three-door freezer can bring a great deal of efficiency to your restaurant. However, to get the most from the unit, it needs to be well-organized. Without a high level of organization, the freezer will be anything but functional. Whether you've had your business for years and just need a refresher or you're a new restaurateur, here are some helpful freezer organization tips. 

1. Minimize Contamination Risks

It's essential you organize the freezer in a manner that keeps your food items contamination free. As a general rule, any items that can leak, such as the blood or marinade from meat, should be stored on the lowest shelf of the freezer. In the event these fluids leak, they can spill onto other containers and contaminate the food inside them if they are not on the bottom layer. Following this tip not only keeps your food safer, but it can also make cleaning the freezer easier.

2. Avoid Overfilling

A three-door commercial freezer can hold a high volume of food items, but you should not aim to fill every inch of the space. Freezers do a better job at keeping food items cold when the air inside them is able to circulate freely. Packing too much food inside the freezer prevents the air from circulating around your stored food items, which can shorten their lifespan. As your restaurant expands or you increase your menu, don't hesitate to invest in an additional freezer unit if necessary.

3. Customize Storage

You can enhance the built-in storage shelves in the freezer by installing tools like baskets and bottle holders. These types of features help keep smaller items organized because they provide an exact location for these items, which can keep the space neater and can also protect your food items. For example, for delicate items like fruit, a basket will ensure that the fruit doesn't get smashed by a large container of meat or another heavy item.

4. Arrange Wisely

Be mindful of the placement of the food. Commercial freezer units operate with powerful fans to maximize circulation inside the unit and keep your food fresher. However, for some delicate foods, such as fresh greens, these fans are too powerful and can cause the leaves to wilt or the food to become freezer burned. Organize your food items in a manner that keeps these items away from the fan.  

Following these tips can help you get the most from your freezer unit, so ensure you follow these, as well as any other helpful organization tips.