3 Tips To Make Your Office More Feminine While Keeping It Professional

Posted on: 13 February 2019

As an entrepreneur or businesswoman, it is probably important to you to always be professional. However, that doesn't mean that you might not want to add your own touch to your office desk space for women. You might be wondering how you can make your office more feminine while keeping it professional, for example. A few tips for doing just that have been listed here.

1. Add Artwork That You Like

Adding photographs, paintings, sculptures and other artwork to your office can help it look much nicer. You don't have to go for the same masculine or gender-neutral art that you see in a lot of offices if you don't want to, though. Instead, choose art that has a feminine touch and that you truly like so that you can make your office truly your own. Whether you like photographs of flowers or paintings that have been done by women, keep your own taste in mind when choosing artwork for your office. If you want to keep it professional, however, you may want to be careful about putting up artwork that might be seen as controversial or that might be risque. Additionally, remember that less is more when you're adding artwork; although there is nothing wrong with adding a few great pieces, you shouldn't overdo it if you want to keep your office professional in appearance.

2. Add Fresh Plants and Flowers

Even though both men and women can certainly enjoy plants and flowers, many people find that adding them to their office can help them feel more in touch with their more feminine side. Plus, adding live plants is a good way to improve indoor air quality in your office, and adding colorful flowers that you love can help you really brighten up your space. Just make sure that you choose live plants that will thrive well in an office environment, such as plants that do well in low-light situations.

3. Add Your Favorite Fragrance

If you are like many women, you might have favorite fragrances that you like to wear and use in your home and your car. There is certainly nothing wrong with adding a nice fragrance to your office if you would like to. Just make sure that you choose something that doesn't have too strong of a scent, and try to choose a fragrance that is made from natural ingredients so that you can avoid triggering other peoples' allergies and so that you can maintain a professional environment in your office.