At-Home Tests For Determining Whether Your Gold Jewelry Is Real Or Fake

Posted on: 14 October 2018

If you have found some old jewelry that you wish to sell to a gold buyer, you may not be sure whether or not it is really made from gold. If so, use one or more of the following tests at home to help you determine whether your gold jewelry is real or fake.

Place a Magnet next to the Jewelry

One test you can perform to see if your jewelry is made from gold is to place it next to a high-powered magnet. If you do not have one laying around your house, you could also use the magnet found in an old speaker, which typically has more strength than a household magnet.

Since gold is a non-magnetic metal, it will not be drawn to the magnet. So, if the jewelry moves towards your magnet, it is probably only plated or colored gold.

Drop the Jewelry in a Glass of Water

Another at-home test you can perform on the jewelry is to drop it in a glass of water. This test can be performed whether the jewelry is a thick ring or a thin chain, as the results will be the same no matter how big the piece is.

Since gold is heavy and is not buoyant at all, even a small amount will sink directly to the bottom of the glass. However, fake gold with float to some degree, even if it does not remain on top of the water. If any part of the jewelry bobs up and down in the water, it is not real gold.

Rub the Jewelry through Liquid Foundation

If you have any liquid foundation makeup, you can also use it to test to see whether or not your gold is real. This test is performed by applying a thin layer of the foundation to your forehead, then rubbing the jewelry across the coated skin.

If the piece is made from real gold, the reaction of the foundation, your skin oils, and the gold will leave a faint black mark, while gold-colored jewelry will not. However, if the piece is gold plated, you may get a false positive, so you should not depend on this test alone if you do get the mark.

Even after performing the above tests at home, you may still be uncertain as to whether your jewelry is made from real or fake gold. If so, have the gold buyer to which you a planning to sell the gold perform a chemical test to determine whether or not the jewelry is authentic. Contact a company like Beaverton Coin & Currency for more information and assistance.