Four Unique Ways To Decorate A Stately, Traditional Office

Posted on: 24 October 2017

If your office has a rather stately, traditional look that you would like to maintain, then you may surmise that your decorating ideas are limited. There's only so much you can do with a dark-stained wood desk and tooled woodwork, right? Well... not exactly. There are ways to add a splash of originality to your office without making it look overly modern or eclectic. Here are a few suggestions.

Display Fancy Glassware

Fancy glassware is perfect for a traditional office. It conjures up images of two gentlemen doing business over glasses or scotch, or of a client bringing in their vineyard's latest vintage for a sampling. Look at antique stores, online auction sites, and even specialty glassware vendors to find a collection of older glasses you can display on shelves in your office.

One approach is to buy a matching set of one style of glasses, for instance rocks glasses, and display these on a single shelf. You could also purchase several different styles of glasses, such as a few champagne flutes and a couple of brandy snifters, and place them on several shelves throughout the space. You could even add to the decor with a few vintage bottles of your favorite wine or spirits. You can use the glasses and spirits or just let them serve as non-functional decor, depending on your preferences.

Have a Portrait Painted

You've probably seen old-fashioned offices where a portrait of someone famous, such as George Washington or Thomas Jefferson, presides over the desk. Why not take a page out of this book and have a traditional portrait of your own image painted? Look for painter who uses a very simple, classic style, and have the end result placed in a thick wooden frame for a very stately appeal. The portrait should be large enough to take up most of a wall, as this looming presence is essential for the appeal you're seeking.

Decorate With Quills and Ink

Fountain pens and old-fashioned offices go hand-in-hand. You probably don't write with a quill or even an ink pen, but decorating with them is a good way to add interest and some talking pieces to your office without steering away from the traditional tone.

You can find classic quills and bottles of ink at many art supply stores. Just make sure the ink comes in a jar with a very secure lid so you don't have to worry about anyone spilling it. Stand the quill upright in a glass vase or jar next to the jar of ink. If you want to give the display even more character, set a few sheets of parchment paper under the quill and ink. You can even pen a few words on the paper if you think yourself capable.

Add An Area Rug

If you want to add a little color to your office, putting down an area rug is a good way to do it. As long as you choose a conservative color like maroon or dark blue, the rug will add interest to the space without looking too modern or gaudy. Center the rug under your desk for the most balanced appeal. Choose a small enough rug that it does not overwhelm your space. Also, make sure you choose a rug with short fibers, as these are easier to keep clean and vacuumed.

You don't have to choose between having a traditional office and a well-decorated one. With the tips above, you can add interest to your space without changing its overall demeanor. Start shopping for glasses, quills, area rugs, and portraits today, and give your office a hint of flavor.