Three Ways To Increase Security On Your Rental Property

Posted on: 8 October 2017

Petty crimes like theft, vandalism, and car prowling can lower the value of your rental property, especially in small apartment complexes where the coziness and feeling of safety is part of the draw. If property crimes have been on the uptick where your rentals are located, it is up to you to protect your tenants and your investment. The following tips can help you do just that:

Tip #1: Lock up common areas

Easy access to common areas can attract people who have no business on your rental property. This then lowers safety, as these trespassers are more likely to help themselves to things that don't belong to them. Make sure all common areas can only be accessed by your tenants and their guests. This means locking up communal dumpsters, laundry rooms, and recreation areas, such as pools and playgrounds. Have the locks all set to a master key, which you can give a copy of to the tenant. This way they can access the amenities with no problem, but the amenities won't attract any riff-raff.

Tip #2: Add security features

Security features can help make your tenants feel more secure while also discouraging crime. A simple addition is to mount security cameras around your property. Place them on light poles in the parking area, as well as near entrances to the building. If you have an area that has experienced problems in the past, this is also a good spot for a camera. You may also want to consider the installation of individual alarm systems in the units if crime is becoming a particular concern in the neighborhood. Gating in the community is another option that will minimize the amount of unwanted individuals that wander onto your property. The investment may make your property more attractive to prospective tenants.

Tip #3: Hire a security service

A private security service provides another way to help your tenants feel safer while discouraging crime. This can be a cost-effective option depending on how you approach. It isn't generally financially feasible or necessary to hire a full-time guard to patrol a small property. Instead, contract with a service that does periodic surveillance drive-throughs on the property. These are affordable because your property is a stop on a nightly or daily route, so the cost of the service is partially subsidized by the other property owners on the security service's route.

Contact a security professional for more help. You can also check out a website like for more information and assistance.