Tasks To Assign To Your General Laborers On A Residential Construction Site

Posted on: 6 October 2017

Armed with know-how, money, and time, you can successfully build your own home. However, unless you plan on driving each nail and mixing each bag of cement yourself, and subsequently extending the project for a long period of time, you're going to need some help. Help will often come in the form of those who work in the skilled trades; plumbers, carpenters, and electricians can tackle specific tasks that require completion during the build. You can also get help from general laborers, whom you can hire through a temp agency or other similar organization. Even without experience, these laborers can be valuable on a residential construction site. Here are some jobs that you can assign them:

Picking Up Garbage

Picking up garbage might not be the most glamorous job on the construction site, but it's a necessary task to keep the area looking tidy as you work — and at the end of the workday. A messy job site is about more than just appearances. When there's waste underfoot, a worker could easily get tripped up and sustain a serious injury. Your general laborer in charge of keeping the site clean can pick up loose nails, paper coffee cups, product packing, and a host of other items that would otherwise be in the way.

Unloading Deliveries

On a residential construction site, trucks will be making deliveries daily, if not multiple times per day. It can be helpful to have general laborers to unload these vehicles' load and stack the contents where it will be out of the way but also easily accessible. For example, you'll have a sizable load of drywall delivered. These sheets will need to be laid flat in a covered area out of the elements and in an area in which there's a low risk of damage.

Taking Runs

It's immensely helpful to have one or more laborers who are capable of taking runs around the city as you work. There are many different reasons for these important errands — a laborer with a truck could take some waste to the dump, pick up rental equipment that you'll need, or even head to the local home supply retailer to buy some materials that someone has overlooked. Getting one of your laborers to do these tasks frees you up to stay at the job site to continue to oversee your subcontractors, as well as be as hands-on as you want to be.

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