Essential Changes You Must Make For Your RV Remodel

Posted on: 5 October 2017

If you're thinking about remodeling your RV, there's a few essential changes that must be made. These changes will help you update your RV to the look and feel that you're going for – and most of these changes are not expensive.

Update Your RV Upholstery

One of the most dramatic changes you can make to your RV is to update your RV upholstery. Doing so will drastically change the look and feel of the interior of your RV. Of course, this tip only applies if you'll be keeping all of the old seating during your remodel. If that's the case, invest in re-upholstering your seating to give it a whole new life.

You can obtain a quote from a local company that provides RV upholstery services. They'll examine your RV, or look at pictures, and provide you with a quote. You can then decide if this is worth doing during your remodel.

Replace Your Flooring

What is the current flooring in your RV? Is it everything you want in flooring? If not, updating it can give you a newfound appreciation your floors. Most RV's have laminate flooring, which may contain formaldehyde. Use caution when removing laminate flooring to avoid being exposed to this dangerous chemical. Make sure you have proper ventilation during the replacement process.

Install New Curtains in Your Windows

Your curtains really set the look and feel of the interior of your RV. Are yours creating a great look, or dragging down the entire interior? Updating your curtains is a cost effective way to breathe new life into the interior. You can use any type of material for your curtains. Select the right pattern and material, then find a tailor to transform them into curtains.

Wallpaper or Paint Your Walls

Just like with renovating a home, updating the walls is essential to any remodel project. Some people like all of their walls to match, while others prefer to have accent walls. Which do you prefer?

Paint or wallpaper are both great options for creating an entirely new look inside your RV. Paint is typically more cost effective, but wallpaper can give you a more unique feel. You are only limited by your imagination – how do you envision your perfect walls?

Now you're ready to remodel your RV. Every item on this list is affordable and won't break the bank. Upholster your seats, paint your walls and replace your flooring to create an entirely new vibe in your RV. For more information, contact companies like Divine Design Upholstery.