First Five Things To Do When Creating A New Product

Posted on: 4 October 2017

Do you have a great idea for a new product? While ideas abound, the successful products are ones that pass through a series of challenges and steps, as mentioned below. 

Get a Second or Third Opinion

Something you can do right away is get a second or third opinion from someone you trust. These people can give you some immediate feedback that confirms or alters your decision. They might already know of competing products or have an idea to make your product more specific and useful. 

Approach a Product Designer

A product designer's opinion is important when you're developing a product no one has seen before. They will help you approach the design from the standpoint of tried and true design methods so that your product is intuitive. 

Do Market Research

Is your idea something that a lot of people are looking for (or don't know yet that they are looking for)? That is something your market research will help you answer. When you start to design a product and put together the prototype, it's a good idea to already know who that product will appeal to. It will help you create a better design for that target audience, and it will also give you the confidence to know that your product will matter.

Get Mechanical Testing

Get mechanical testing on your product, for the sake of safety and legal protection. Mechanical testing will stress the product in a number of ways to make sure it's safe in the ways that people might use it. For example, mechanical testing might see how the product acts under the pressure of a good deal of weight or heat. You wouldn't want to realize that you have a liability on your hands only after someone files a lawsuit.

Get a Patent

If your idea is something that is truly one of a kind, get it patented. You would not want a more experienced entrepreneur to steal the idea shortly after launch and use it to create their own similar product, albeit with a more developed marketing and production process. Patents do not cost very much, compared with the trouble they can save you from. 

These are five things that you should do before you even bring a product to the market. Although this process may sound rigorous if you aren't sure your product will sell, doing things this way will set you up for success (and help you avoid legal problems) later on.