Provide An Elderly Or Disadvantaged Citizen With Services They Are In Need Of

Posted on: 29 September 2017

Give back to your community and provide an elderly or disadvantaged citizen with services that they are in need of by considering the options that follow. As a result of your efforts, you may make a lifelong friend and will become an important fixture in somebody's life.

Offer To Go Shopping For A Neighbor

If one of your neighbors has limited mobility and tends to ride in taxicabs or on a public bus whenever they head out to complete shopping tasks, eliminate the burden that they have been faced with by offering to go shopping for them. If you are uncomfortable with offering your help, stop by their home to see how they are doing and gently hint that you do not mind running errands for them when needed.

If the neighbor is receptive to your offer, they can write down a list of wares that they are in need of and you can pick it up prior to going shopping. If all goes well during your initial shopping trip, continue to provide this service on a routine basis. 

Visit A Retirement Home And Play Games And Speak With Residents

If you live near a retirement home and find that you have quite a bit of time on your hands, stop by the establishment and introduce yourself to the staff members who greet you. Inquire about becoming a companion to a person in need. For instance, a resident who does not have any living family members or who lives far away from their kin may be open to the idea of spending some time with a new face.

Once you meet a resident who is lonely, spend time playing bingo or cards with them and ask them about their life. Share personal stories about yourself as well. As you get used to one another, you will form a lasting bond and may eagerly await each future meeting with your new friend.

Sign Up To Work At A Local Food Pantry Or Community Center

Food pantries and community centers tend to serve a large amount of people and may be shorthanded at various times throughout the year. Contact your local government or a pantry or community center directly to ask if you can be of assistance. You may be asked to go grocery shopping, prepare food items, or serve dishes of food to people who stop by the agency that you are helping. After food is distributed, you can spend time getting to know the visitors of the business that you have chosen to volunteer at.

Contact local grocery shopping services for more information and assistance.