3 Benefits Of Custom Packaging

Posted on: 7 September 2017

If you frequently ship items from your business to clients or customers, you must consider custom packaging. Instead of using the one-size-fits all approach, custom packaging allows you to get exactly what you need to ship your products safely and securely. If you aren't sure if custom packaging is a good solution for your business, check out these three benefits you can't miss out on when you choose custom packaging solutions.

Custom Packages Create Perfect Fits

With custom packages, you are able to get the exact box or bag you need for each product. Therefore, if you have a product that is hard to ship because of its size or shape, you can get a box that will securely hold it during transit. Plus, you can choose different types of boxes and bags, such as paper bags, a folding carton, a plastic box or a rigid box, so you can choose the right solution.  

If the item requires packing materials for protection, such as foam or peanuts, you can even have the customized boxes built to perfect hold the item and packaging materials. With this perfect fit, the item is less likely to move around inside the box and break. Plus, because you don't end up using a box that is much too big or using too much packaging material, you can save money on the cost of shipping because.

You Can Share Your Brand on the Package

If you simply purchase boxes at a local office supply store, your customers aren't getting any extra taste of your brand. However, if you choose custom packaging, you can brand the box for your own business. This could be as simple as ensuring your business name and logo appears on the box. While this may not seem like added value, it does help remind people of your logo and brand.

However, branding isn't just about reminding people of your name. Branding is everything your business is trying to capture. For example, if your business offers eco-friendly products or services, you could choose custom packaging made from recycled paper, which reinforces your brand better than just reminding people of your name and logo. People see that you don't just say you are eco-friendly, you actually incorporate it into your packaging. That can create a brand that sticks.

Customers Are More Likely to Return

If you've ever ordered something online and received a poorly constructed package or even a broken item due to inferior packaging, you know the frustration of feeling that you didn't matter as a customer. The business was more concerned with making sure they got your money than ensuring you have a good shopping experience.

When you use custom packaging that really protects their item during transit, they are more likely to come back to you because they feel you care about them and their experience not just their money. You can only make so much money if you can't get repeat customers, so it's imperative to do everything you can to ensure your customers come back. While you may have an amazing product, people won't want to work with you, if they fear their item may get lost or broken in the mail.

Custom packaging doesn't just ensure your items are safe during transit. It also gives you a new tool you can use to advertise with branding on the box. There are many types of custom packages available, so finding something to meet your needs should be simple. For more information about custom packaging, how it can benefit you and why customers prefer it, contact a custom packaging company in your area today.